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TAC recommended by the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute for the quota year 2018/2019, along with recommended and national TAC for the quota year 2017/2018 (in tonnes).


  1. Advice according to harvest control rule.
  2. Advice and TAC according to agreed management plan.
  3. TAC for the total area of distribution for calendar year.
  4. Total TAC and national TAC in separate column.
  5. Advice for the fishing year 2018/2019 (or the calendar year 2019) will be given in autumn 2018.
  6. Initial TAC advice for 2018 season according to advisory rule, will be revised in spring 2019. Final TAC in parenthesis.
  7. Initial TAC advice for the 2018/2019 fishing season, will be revised in autumn 2018. Final TAC in parenthesis.
  8. Annual number of animals within the Icelandic shelf area in 2018–2025.
  9. Annual number of animals within the E-Greenland/Iceland/Faroes management area in 2018–2025.
  10. Annual harvest in Breiðafjörður 2018–2025.